Platypus Industries

Developer: Matthew Aslin
Publisher: Platypus Industries
Platform: Tabletop Board Games
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure + Survival Horror

The Ratcatcher:

You are the Ratcatcher! The only person capable of dispelling the plague suffered by Brie and returning the realm to peace. You know the ways of the rats and must use all your skills, bravery, and cunning in order to defeat them. But beware: The rats are beginning to change, and it's not for the better, so hurry!

The objective is, Snatch the magical cheese, eliminate the rats. Easier said than done.

Drop Bears

This is where the game drops you in, an inexperienced group of tourist campers ventured into the night. Your objective: Survive until dawn.

Drop Bears is a cooperative game where the Campers have to carefully choose actions every turn to stay alive, while the whole Australian Bush is on a hunt for them.

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