Terminus: The Roleplaying Game

Developer: 200 Down
Platform: Played in person, or online through Roll20/Discord
Genre: Spacepunk (Cyberpunk/Space Opera)

Terminus is a TTRPG that offers a unique sense of creative freedom and flexibility, shaped by the players’ sense of what is logical, satisfying, hilarious, or moving. The original Dice Up system levels the size of your Expertise Dice from a d6 through to a d20 the more you invest into those skills. Combined with an Open Waters gear system, this creates an intuitive non-linear progress system.

The game boasts a fresh solution to the sore points around standard action combat systems, simultaneous action, unweighted mechanics, and inflexible rulesets. It liberates players from the flawed traits of TTRPGs that we’ve all learned to tolerate, and it includes brand new features that players will wonder how they ever lived without.

The game's fundamental foundation is The Understanding, a centralised philosophy that encourages players to create wild and unforgettable moments in their stories. A project years in development and nearing the end of its infancy, the Terminus team now invites you to watch this space, follow the game’s website, and be one of the first to enter the brutal-as-all-hell society of Neo-Terminalism.

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