Voodoo Ranger

Developer: New Belgium Brewing
Publisher: Voodoo Ranger
Platform: Now Available Australia
Genre: Craft Beer, IPA, Best Served Chilled

Born dead in the USA, brewed fresh in Australia. America’s #1 name in IPA and proud sponsor of PAX online 2021 Voodoo Ranger - now selling at great crafty beer establishments near you!

Voodoo Ranger IPA - 6.8% Alc Vol modern West Coast IPA bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavours, this IPA is perfectly bitter with a refreshing finish. Available now on Tap & In Cans.

Voodoo Ranger HAZY - 5% Alc/Vol the perfect easy going hazy IPA for any occasion.. coming soon to a Tap near you!

Half Myth, Half Man, All IPA. Follow Voodoo Ranger's Australian antics on IG @voodoorangerau #liverangerously.

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