Belt It Out!

Developer: Ortum Games Pty Ltd
Platform: Android
Puzzle Casual
Classification: G

Hey there and thanks for dropping by our page! We're Ortum Games, a small indie game studio based out of Adelaide, South Australia. We've come to PAX this year to show off our game called Belt It Out!, our first commercial release as a dev team.

So you're wondering, what kind of game is Belt It Out?

In Belt It Out!, You're a new hire for an innovative moving company and because of your unique background, you've been singled out for special training by The Foreman. So, how does this company move it's stuff? Simply put, with CONVEYOR BELTS!

Using randomised conveyor belts, you'll be tasked with delivering goods from start to finish in a race against the clock. Moving boxes in warehouses, directing traffic in the city, and even excavating gems from a digsite, there's nothing these conveyor belts can't do!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your hi-vis and helmet and Belt It Out!

P.S. Come by our stall in the PAX Rising area of the expo hall and play our game to get an exclusive PAX themed conveyor belt skin. We can't wait for you all to see our game in action!