Idle Gangs

Developer: Mini Mammoth Games
Platform: Mobile - Android, iOS
Arcade Idle

Welcome to Mini Mammoth Games, an indie mobile game developer from Adelaide. Come fight, solve and stack in one our 20+ games!

Today, we show off an upcoming genre, Arcade Idle! Idle Gangs brings more to the stick figure classics in a full environment, consisting of more than white blocks and blue sky. Capture areas and convert friends to join your cause, this is your city and you are here to prove it!!

If you are looking for a game, app or interactive educational media, you've come to the right place. We offer to develop your ideas so you don't have to learn how to! We also don't soley develop for mobile, so feel free to bring your console or PC ideas to us as well!

Secondary and tertiary students are more than welcome to come and check out what work experience or placement programs we offer! The industry isn't built with growth and learn for the younger generations in mind, but Mini Mammoth Games is here to change that, check out our website or contact us at for more information!!