Developer: Umbrella Party Studios
Platform: Steam, PC
Adventure, Casual, Simulation

Umbrella Party is a small indie studio based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our goal is to make games that can create change, evoke emotions and tell a story that people can connect with. Our current development, Miska, uses immersive audio and visual storytelling to give the player a memorable experience and emotional connection to the characters while restoring the environment. The player’s experience is our primary focus, which is why our games are perfect to curl up with on a rainy day and simply lose yourself in. Hence why we are Umbrella Party Studios. We want you to join us under our umbrella and come with us on a journey.

In Miska, you play as a woman returning to an Australian National Park that she used to visit with her family. The Park has fallen into disarray; you will spend the game picking up rubbish, restoring the Park to its former glory. Once restored, flowers will bloom and native Australian animals will come out to play. As you hike up the National Park, reconnect with the environment and the memories she shared with her sister throughout the years.