Next Level Collaboration

Next Level Collaboration runs programs that develop collaborative skills, friendships, and a sense of belonging for neurodivergent children aged 8-15 years by building on an area passion – gaming! Our research-based, neurodiverse-positive program structure is co-designed with the neurodivergent community to celebrate the diversity, strengths, and differences of all our participants. By using carefully selected, age-appropriate cooperative video games as learning tools, the Next Level Collaboration program builds confidence and teamwork skills in a fun, inclusive setting where every gamer belongs.

Next Level Collaboration is also a social enterprise with a mission to celebrate and empower the neurodivergent community by providing supported employment opportunities and an equitable wage. Our neurodivergent-led programs are facilitated by adults who not only have lived experiences of neurodivergence, but also share our love of gaming. Next Level Collaboration is for neurodivergent gamers, by neurodivergent gamers. Come chat to us to find out more!