Engineered from obsession. Built for start-to-finish performance. Secretlab is the first gaming chair company to rise to global recognition in a span of 7 years. Today, our proprietary technology and design innovations push the boundaries in ergonomic comfort and the science of sitting, winning over 50 Editor’s Choice and Best Hardware Awards from leading international publications and reviewers. Discover comfort for gaming and productivity at Booth 2260.

Built with premium materials and engineered for award-winning performance, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is designed with pro-grade ergonomics in every aspect. Cutting-edge engineering allows us incredible scale to address ergonomic feedback from our customers — over 2 million of them worldwide.

We are partnered with some of the biggest names in esports and entertainment, including special project collaborations with the world’s premier brands. As the top choice for esports athletes, production studios, and anyone who requires a high-performance sitting experience for long hours, Secretlab is the preferred seat for the world’s best.

Recently, we launched the all-new Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Sit-to-Stand Metal Desk with Magnetic Ecosystem, engineered from the ground up to revolutionise cable management so your desk always remains effortlessly neat. Secretlab MAGNUS Pro incorporates all the best features of the original MAGNUS, with a patent-pending integrated power supply column that uses a single concealed cable within your desk leg and a built-in electrical socket to power your desk and devices all at once. Cable management doesn’t get any easier, and this is only achievable with the MAGNUS Pro.

Together, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 and Secretlab MAGNUS Pro set the stage to transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse.