Spies & Soldiers

Developer: Ghostbat Games
Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
Classification: CTC

Spies & Soldiers is a low fantasy strategy game with procedural content and simple mechanics, providing a hit of pure strategy gameplay without the overwhelming complexity often associated with the genre.

The game is a two-player, turn-based digital board game, built on simple mechanics that create complex strategies. Each match plays out across a uniquely generated world map, ensuring each game is a fresh challenge.

Seize control of castles and cities as your empire expands across each new world, but keep in mind the balance of power as things can change quickly from one moment to the next!

The core of the game revolves around tense interactions between military strength and stealthy subterfuge. To grow an empire and win, players must carefully balance both aspects of their kingdom and adapt their strategies to each new map.

Key features include:

  • Procedurally generated maps. 
  • Simple mechanics, deep strategy. 
  • Asynchronous multiplayer. 
  • Simultaneous turns.