Stellar Advent

Developer: Stellar Advent 
Games: Lucie's Potager, Frontier Quest
Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Genre: RPG
Game Classification: PG

This is Stellar Advent’s first year at PAX and we’re excited to be attending!

We’ll be showcasing our newest game Lucie’s Potager, a shopkeeping RPG where you grow and sell plants. This game will also be available to play online as part of Steam NextFest.

Lucie’s Potager features a unique artstyle with a mix of 2D characters and 3D environment, as well as mechanics such as shopkeeping, foraging, questing and crafting.

You’ll also be able to play our first game Frontier Quest, available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Frontier Quest is a turn-based RPG where you play as an adventurer exploring the frontier for treasure. Along the way you meet a colourful cast of characters and help rebuild a town. It features cute 2D animation and puzzle-based encounters where equipping the correct gear will help you succeed in battle.