The Godfeather

Developer: Hojo Studio
Platform: Steam, Switch and Mobile
Mafia Pigeon Permadeath Roguelike
Classification: PG

From the creators of Puffington, Nippy Cats and Inflatality comes Hojo Studio's The Godfeather - a savage tale of feathered vengeance from the pigeon underworld.

Used to be an honest boid could make a living... now your enemies have moved in and flocked up the whole operation. The Godfeather tasks you with taking back the old neighborhood- one borough at a time. It’s time to send a message… FROM ABOVE.

- Play The Godfeather demo on the show floor!
- Grab yourself some Boid Seed at the booth and feed our associates outside.
- Challenge yourself with today's Birdle. Updated daily!
- Join the Pigeon mafia.