The Lifetime

Developer: Orchid of Redemption
Platform: Steam PC, Mac, Linux
Puzzle Platformer, Metroidvania, Narrative Adventure

Orchid of Redemption is bringing The Lifetime to PAX! The Lifetime combines flowing and super-precise puzzle platforming with disruptive narrative adventure and metroidvania elements.

The game is level-based beat-the-clock gameplay, but with a unique time-collection mechanic: the key twist is that at the end of each level, any time left over is added to the next. So you can get creative about finding the best order to tackle the non-linear levels in and accumulate gameplay-time across the arc of the game!

At the heart of the game is a race against the clock: master fast and fluid platforming and puzzle solving to succeed. Then take a breath and relax in a calm overworld that offers time-out to devise puzzle solutions and strategise a way forward. This strategic time-collection involves backtracking to replay levels where extra-time collectibles are easier to find, or that you know you can beat with plenty of time to spare.

Metroidvania elements bring even more depth to the backtracking experience, where permanent powerups can grant access to new paths or areas of previous levels, allowing for faster level completions, discovering more new abilities, and finding the game’s many collectibles and narrative paths.

Narrative adventure elements allow you to talk to NPCs, find inventory items, get clues to find new places, and unravel the story to discover why time is so important to the hero, why they squandered it in their hesitant and insecure former life, and what they need to do to return to the world of the living with enough time to live a full life again!

Find your way back to the surface, time is on your side!