TopplePOP: Bungee Blockbusters

Developer: ArkimA
Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Puzzle eSport
Classification: G

The award-winning physics puzzle eSport for everyone!

In a world where everyone uses bungees for everyday jobs - a crisis! Physics blocks are falling from the sky! Innocent animals are trapped and turned into Grumbles! Only you and your friends can save them! Swing on your bungee, stack blocks, connect 4 of the same color to POP the Grumbles and free your pals! But beware - it's a Jumble out there! Hang around too long or stack too high and you'll be Grumbled too!

  •  Instantly playable for 1-4 players of all ages. Learn the basics in a solo / co-op Story Campaign!
  • Master eSports skills! Topple chain reactions to dominate team battles and speedrun leaderboards!
  • 8 zones with unique puzzles, local and online game modes suitable for any mood and mix of players!