Developer: Bin Chicken Studios
Platform: PC

Bin Chicken is fast becoming an established studio in the Melbourne indie scene. We are a team that brings a diverse set of skills and ideas to the table. Our vision is grounded in the previous experience of our founders, in Social Work, Environmental Advocacy and Graphic Design. We have a unique vision for our work and strive to create entertaining games with meaningful messaging that have the power to inspire change.

At PAX we are exhibiting our Vic Screen supported debut PC title Trash, a beautiful survival-craft adventure game where strange & wondrous trash-based life thrives. Our stand will be personed by our unique team of immensely talented Victorian and Australian developers, with whom we share our vision for creating meaningful & beautiful games. So come along to meet the team and play our Trashy game!

It’s important to us that we create games that we love to play and connect with player communities who love to play the same kinds of games we do. Whilst we want our games to be grounded in our favourite genres, styles and experiences we remain ambitious in our goals and always strive to develop games with unique styles, features and opportunities for play. We believe that indie game developers play an important role in taking risks and creating unique games, pushing the medium to grow.