Zarktor's Realm

Developer: Zarktor Studios
Publisher: Zarktor Studios
Platform: Windows | MacOS | Linux | Steamdeck
Third Person RPG / Exploration

If you enjoyed playing Skyrim and Fallout 3, love Monty Python humour and listen to Heavy Metal, you're in luck. We do too, and we're blending that inspiration here!

Zarktor's Realm is a beautiful open-world RPG adventure set in medieval England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Explore the world on horseback, uncover the truth behind Arthurian legends, and battle hordes of the undead.

Use melee, ranged, and magical combat to overcome powerful evil entities. Gather new weapons and apply powerful shards to upgrade them, and solve complex quests with multiple outcomes. Will you become the next legend?

Choose your starting character from a lineup of Knights, Warriors, Templars, Assassins, Mages, or the Hunter and their despised sister, the Necromancer. Each has a unique story arc intertwined with the main game story, each their own skill tree, and include unique dialogue choices for varied role play fun.

Explore 6th Century Britain during the Volcanic Winter of 536 AD and the Plague of Justinian - arguably one of the worst periods in history to be alive. Monumental quests beckon you to solve these cataclysmic events. A truly Immersive storyline and a stunningly presented game world showcases realism and beauty in this fantasy tale. Talk to interesting NPCs and explore branching dialogue for hiliarious antics, fun easter eggs and exciting side quests.

Master various forms of combat: ranged, melee, "Advanced" medieval technology, and of course, magic. Unlock your true potential and take on hordes of "Plague Husk" undead, hunt wild beasts, and take down a corrupted hierarchy of powerful evil that stands in your way and threatens the world.

Search castles, dungeons, catacombs and caves to solve complex quests entwined in mystery and intrigue. Along the way, make sure to retrieve powerful magical items, seals and sigils as you'll need them to battle the most powerful demons.

Of course, you can't have demons without heavy metal and we're writing some tunes we hope you'll enjoy as a backdrop to your exciting battles in the abyss.

Experience a rich and engaging storyline incorporating real events from the 6th Century. The choices you make in branching dialogue and quests will affect the world around you and result in different story outcomes. These may also vary depending on the starting character you choose.



  • Mind-blowing graphics, dynamic weather and special effects.
  • Experience real world locations and events in medieval England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Choose your starting character from 12 unique options and experience the world through their eyes.
  • Customize your character, collect pets, mounts and equipment to make it your own journey.
  • Unlock skill trees and magical abilities.
  • Talk your way out of trouble or let your weapons and spells do the talking for you. The choice is yours.
  • Fight on foot or on horseback.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.