Sep 16, 2021

Without any further ado and with all requisite drum rolling, here’s our 2021 PAX Indie Showcase winners. 

Vault of the Void by Spider Nest Games

A Roguelike card game where you craft your deck, swapping in and out cards with Void Stones, infusing them with new abilites to help default the insidious minions that stand between you and The Void.


A Township Tale by Alta 

A Township Tale is an open-world RPG designed specifically for VR. Explore the world, master your craft, and forge your tale.


Innchanted by DragonBear Studios

Taram's family Inn has been stolen by an evil wizard! To reclaim your family's legacy, team up with friends, manage your inn, brew potions, cook, and fight in a magical co-op inn adventure for 1-4 players.


Mars First Logistics by Ian MacLarty

A physics-based open-world simulation game, where you design, build and control your own mechanical creations to deliver important packages between colony stations on Mars. 


CONSCRIPT by Jordan Mochi

During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scavenge for limited supplies and solve complex puzzles - all whilst fighting for survival in the midst of mankind’s most brutal and horrifying conflict.


Blueberry by Mellow Games

Go on a journey through a woman’s mind from birth to death in this emotional story platformer. Climb the Tower of Life and gather the pieces of Blueberry's shattered memories, find the missing ones and unravel the mystery of her trauma. 


And now announcing, for the very first time, our tabletop winners:


DRiFT by James Allen

Feel the thrill of racing like never before with DRiFT, the next level in tabletop racing for 2-4 players, featuring the exciting world of drift racing!


Letter Drop by Cutlass BoardGames

Letter Drop is the exact centre of the venn diagram between scrabble and connect four! Use your letters to make words, and block your opponent from making words! Score big points as your tile colours line up to make double and triple word scores!


Kingless by Two19

Kingless is a fast-paced, easy to learn, hard to master card game, designed to capture the imagination as you and 1-5 friends compete for the highest score while sabotaging each other using Dwarf themed cards.


Floating Floors by Guf Studios

Become the architect of your own domain in this tactical 3D strategy game. Create a labyrinth of floating floorboards for you and your rival to cross as you compete to be the first to claim your opponent’s Bansen seals.


Coming Soon to a PAX Online near you.