PAX Aus 2022 Community Meetups Submissions

You're part of a community. You'd like host a meetup at PAX. But here's the problem: You don't have a good place to do it! Well you're in luck. Because baby, we got hella rooms.

Let us know what sort of meetup you want to hold (maybe it's pin trading, maybe it's a cosplay group photo op, maybe it's a Pokemon trading session), and we'll provide the room, some basic A/V, and get your event on our schedule so other people can find it. Plus we'll throw in a couple badges as well. If you'd like to claim a spot in our community room for you and yours, simply fill out the application here. Space and time are limited (in both the logistical and the existential sense), but we'll help out as many groups as possible.

Please get your submissions in before July 26th 2022.