June 16th, 2019

So You wanna do a PAX Panel?

Great! We’d love to hear from you, and submissions for PAX Aus 2019 are now open! If you want to apply to host a panel, it’s as easy as filling out the form with the panel details.

“But PAX,” we hear you ask, “How do I make sure my panel has the best chance of being accepted?”

Well, that seems like a very convenient inquiry with a questionable anthropomorphization of PAX tacked on to it. But here’s some more info, since you asked so nicely.

The basics
Each panel is an hour long and we look for speakers who can fill it with energetic, intelligent, and fascinating stuff about gaming. Some stuff we always get asked: Yep, we have HDMI inputs for your laptops/consoles/whatever. If you bring a storage device, you can get a recording of the panel. Only some theatres are streamed to Twitch, and we’ll let you know if your panel will be in one of them.

We want things that our audience will find relevant to the gaming industry and gaming culture, from discussion panels to how-tos to live gameplay. It could be a panel on the evolution of character creation. It could be a blindfolded boss rush. It could be a how-to on setting up a podcast studio at home. Get creative! Most importantly, it should be stuff that you are passionate about, not just stuff you think we wanna hear.

When you’re pitching, think about how you’d get an audience member to want to attend that panel and write a title and description to match. What makes your panel unmissable? What will people get out of going? Convince us by convincing them.

Pull together panelists that represent the gaming audience and can take part passionately, intelligently, and entertainingly in the thing you’re pitching.

Now, the fun bit. Hop on over to the submission site, and let us know what you’d like to do at PAX. We’d love to hear it.

Apply now: aus.panels.paxsite.com