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A Career in Games and disappointing your Ethnic parents

So you’d like to work in games, but your family wants you to work a "real job" like become a doctor, nurse, or accountant? Passionate about games, but you are struggling to explain the legitimacy of your career to your mum when you got great grades out of high school? This talk is all about the strengths, and challenges of growing up multi-racial in Australia, where it can often be hard to justify working in creative industries when your family do not recognise games as a legitimate career path that puts food on the table.


Jessica Jazic [Marketing Manager, Gameloft], Yosha Noesjirwan [3D Generalist, Featherweight Games], Angharad Yeo [Host, Good Game: Spawn Point], Edmond Tran [Editor, Gamespot], Dhayana Sena