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A Gift for Esports? Finding if Someone has What it Takes

A lot of kids, teens and adults are now chasing the dream of esports glory and big prize money to go along with it all. Fortnite, The International, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and so much more now offers salaried careers and tournaments with millions on offer. But whether you’re a parent or an esports-star-in-training, how do you shift gears from just playing games to really training for success? And how do you know if you have ‘the gift’ to go all the way? Our panel of experts - from psychology to esports coaching staff - explore what it takes and answer your questions on choosing the right path toward success.


Jocelyn Brewer [Psychologist, Cyberpsychology Research Group], Brandon Defina [General Manager, Gravitas Esports], Andrew Kinch [Founder, Game Aware], Seamus Byrne [Editor / Broadcaster, Byteside]