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Behind the Curtain: What Do Community Managers Actually Do?!

From content creation to sassy exchanges, streaming previews to curating player feedback, what is it that community managers ACTUALLY do day to day? Join our panel of experienced community managers as they give you insight into their roles, how they got started, and what a career in this field entails.

Prepare for stories, advice, and answers to your burning questions as they let you behind the curtain of a rapidly growing (and often misunderstood) career path…


Gabriella Dianne Lowgren [Communications Manager, Infinity Plus Two], Jiggsy [Community Manager, Bastion Effect], Kelsey Gamble [Lead Community Manager, Bethesda Softworks], Kerrie Fulker [Social Media and Community Coordinator, Madman Entertainment / AnimeLab], Darcy Smith [Community Manager & Project Lead, League of Geeks], Skaidris Gunsmith [Community Manager]