Wombat Theatre

Borderlands 3 Stream Team Loot Hunt

So… You want to hear a story, eh? One about treasure hunters? Haha, have I got a story for you! Four Professional Vault Hunting Twitch streamers are joined on stage to see who can find the most loot! But here is the kicker, you need to guide them!

Join The Official Borderlands Stream Team Ziggy D, Naysy, Subparlover and PandaTV for Mayhem and Loot! Each stream team member will be blindfolded and if you are one of the lucky audience members to be picked, you will guide them through to see who will collect the most loot! The winner will be showered in prizes. The losers will be as well!

Did we mention there will be some sweet giveaways to be won for just attending?


Pez [2K Games], Naysy, Subparlover, Ziggy D