Fruitbat Theatre

Escape Night: Escape Room Secrets Revealed

Locked in a room wi$th your friends, surrounded by puzzles and devic)es, the clock is ticking and you know th@ere is only one way out. Welcome to the world of escap*e rooms where weird and wonderful things happen ev+eryday.

How are games made? What’s the wei_rdest thing to happen in yo&ur rooms? What happens next in the es%cape room industry? Have your questio!ns answered and find out w(hat really happens behind the scenes of an Escape Room business. This Q and A pane^l features escape room e#xperts from some of the best rooms in the world.


Chris Krajacic [Owner/Designer, Riddle Room], Charlie Kedmenec [Manager/Creative Team Member, The Room, Berlin], Leanne Yong [Owner, Next Level Escape], Joan Caballero [Owner, Labyrinth Escape Rooms], Michael Armstrong [Owner/Creative Director, Ukiyo], Matthew Lee [Founder, The Enigma Room]