Fruitbat Theatre

Escape Night: Immersed in the Game: Players' Experience in Escape Rooms

With escape rooms becoming more sophisticated and immersion-driven, how do designers go about creating these convincing worlds? What elements go into building realistic sets, absorbing narratives, and puzzles that fit a theme? How important is the focus on the user experience - not just during the game, but before and after?

Designers of some of Australia’s most immersive escape rooms are here to discuss all these elements and more. Respected gamers and bloggers will also share the stage to discuss what makes a game great from the player’s perspective. Funny stories will be plentiful, advice shared, and fabulous prizes given!


Nic Healey [ABC Radio Presenter, ABC Radio], Marise Watson [Owner/Game Designer, The Cipher Room], Joshua Hunt [Escape Room Brand Manager, Funlab], Chris Krajacic [Owner/Designer, Riddle Room], Ana Lacerda [Enthusiast and Escape Room Blogger, Lock Me If You Can], Ben Jenkins [Writer, Producer and Television Presenter, The Checkout, Story Club, Dragon Friends]