Fruitbat Theatre

Escape Night: Whose Escape Room Is It Anyway? An Improv Design Adventure

The crazy is back! Last year, with your help, we designed an escape room adventure to steal the Fried Chicken Magnate’s secret recipe - what will it be this year?

If you ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process from the owners of highly acclaimed escape rooms, this is your chance! You choose the theme and objective, and we’ll design the game. See how ideas become puzzles, and puzzles become rooms. Part design adventure, part hilarious romp, come join us for the fun!


Leanne Yong [Owner/Designer/Builder, Next Level Escape], Aaron Hooper [Owner/Designer/Builder, Next Level Escape], Marise Watson [Owner/Game Designer, The Cipher Room], Adrian Doumani [Resident artist, Doonami Art], Ben Jenkins [Ben Jenkins Co.], Keziah Jarrett [Director, Seraphim Productions], Joshua Hunt [Panellist, Escape Room and Live Games Manager]