Fruitbat Theatre

Everybody Hertz: Playing with Sound

From the original Pong blips, to Final Fantasy symphonies, to the moment you solve a Zelda puzzle, game sounds and music affect us all. Sound designers, composers, and a stray psychologist will share their passions for how games bring the good stuff to our hearts through our ears. The secrets of audio illusions. The narrative transportation of moody music. The satisfaction of the level up sound effect, or the safety of G A M E   S A V E D. We’ll treat you with an array of aural confectionary as sweet as the recurring theme of your childhood game nostalgia. Sound good?


Josh Muller [LGBTQIA+ Psychologist, Individual], Zander Hulme [Game Audio Designer, Supertonic], Lee May [Designer & Comms Manager, Defiant Development], Allison Walker [Composer & Sound Designer, Freelance], Meghann O’Neil [Composition teacher & Game Reviewer, Various], Trevor Dikes [Sound Designer, Fanclub]