Galah Theatre

Gametography: More Than A Screenshot

In modern video games, photo mode enables the player to go beyond the humble screenshot, offering sophisticated techniques to show your badass at their best. Photo mode enables the player to create their world within another world, creating art within art. From the wild west of Red Dead Redemption 2, to swinging through the streets of New York City in Spiderman, gametography combines photography and gaming in an unprecedented way. From photo essays to landscapes, street photography to portraiture, photo mode opens up a world of possibility for gametographers. The inclusion of Pokemon Go Snapshot takes this one step further, merging real world photography and virtual photography through augmented reality. This panel will discuss the history of gametography, the exciting possibilities for the future, as well as tips on how to create your own masterpieces.


Bragg [Podcaster/Video Editor, Cowboy4Game], Britt Andrews [Photographer, Volume Media & Select Start Media], Izzy Gramp [Photographer, Independent], Jess ‘Jiggsy’ Hodgson [Community Manager, Bastion Effect], David Rayfield [Writer, Junkee]