Galah Theatre

Gamifying Government: The 2nd Sitting

Australian government departments are exploring and embracing new and emerging technologies to deliver 21st century services, outcomes and experiences for the Australian public. Games development has been on the leading edge of many experimental new technologies and practices including VR, AR, 3D engines, AI, prototyping and Analytics. Some of the most interesting innovations coming from the games sector are related to design, methodology and understanding user behaviour. These approaches to engage and interact with users are increasingly being utilised and applied within new government initiatives.

After the interest shown from the public for last year’s panel, there are more departments eager to showcase how they are applying game industry techniques and tools into government services to enhance outcomes and experiences for the public. Hear from government developers and leaders about their exciting projects and see how we are advancing and helping to create a better Australia.


Adrian Webb [Manager of Virtual Worlds, Australian Defence simulation and Training Centre], Jake Spencer-Goodsir [System Designer, Technology Innovation Centre, Department of Human Services], Chris Hume [Assistant Director, Education and Innovation, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority], Stuart Anderson [Research Engineer, CSIRO's Data61], Julie Sparkes [Assistant Director, Biosecurity Operations Division, Inspections Group, Australian Department of Agriculture]