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Gaming is Good For Your Health: Self-Medicating with Games

Preach it to the choir!! Research now backs up everything we already knew: Gaming is GOOD for you. From improving your mental health, pain management, and even boosting rehabilitation after surgery, science is proving more and more how gaming has the potential to do great things for your health. The secret lies in *how* you self-medicate with games; both computer games AND tabletop. Bringing together a panel of mental health professionals, game developers, and professional game reviewers, we dive into how the gaming culture can help with maintaining a healthy well-being.


Ann-Marie Cahill [Core Contributor / Writer, GeekMom / Evil Genius Mum], Geoffrey Devereaux [Reviewer, Goof Review], Aleesha Shimeld [Registered Psychologist], Jaime Lawrence [Game Developer / Manager, Good Games]