Ibis Theatre

Growing up with the Elder Scrolls: 25 Years of TES

Join us as we talk about The Elder Scrolls and how it’s evolved over the generations of games, and the generations of gamers. We’ll talk about the single player games, and our own history with them, to the MMORPG genre with the Elder Scrolls Online and how the wider TES community has come together to help make both the game and the world better. Your hosts are the Tamriel Downunder team, a group of four Australian twitch streamers with a special guest from the Bethesda Australia community team, Noel Wheatley (FurySevenSix). Come and share your own love for this iconic series.


IcyIC [Founding Member, Tamriel Downunder], AngryWolf6 [Founding Member, Tamriel Downunder], DacuTV [Founding Member, Tamriel Downunder], mApplinator [Founding Member, Tamriel Downunder], Noel Wheatley [Community Manager, Bethesda ANZ]