Fruitbat Theatre

Hot Two-Ups (Not a Gambling Thing)

Last year, five intrepid panelists and one obnoxious host treated an audience to some lighthearted banter and questions amidst the hell and brimstone of assorted chilli-sauce-eating LIVE on stage.

This year… some different people will do The. Same. Thing.

Join us as we eat progressively spicier and spicier chill sauces while attempting to have a decent public discussion about all things videogames.

Our panelists include game designers, community managers, producers, academics and writers. Oh the breadth of topic we shall cover!


Leigh Harris [Senior Game Designer, Wargaming Sydney], Joshua Meadows [Producer / Lead Writer, Alcyone: The Last City], Kamina Vincent [Producer, Mountains], Mahli-Ann Butt [PhD Candidate, Sydney University], Kelsey Gamble [Lead Community Manager, Bethesda Softworks]