Kookaburra Theatre

How to Be a Better Game Master: Skills and Game Design

A game designer, VR designer, LARP organiser, TTRPG game master, and immersive theatre practitioner walk into a PAX panel. Lets pick their brains and come out better Game Masters!

In this interactive panel we will discuss the key elements to mastering game mastery: how to choose your group, safety protocols, which systems fit your goals, how to use game design to maximise your players immersion, and how to control the room. Another key thing we will explore is how to tailor your story telling style to maximise engagement to your players, and facilitate balanced player/personality dynamics in inclusive settings.

If you have ever been interested in running a table top campaign, but don’t know how, or if you want to Level Up your Game this panel is for you.


Paulina Samy [Creative Director, DragonBear Studios], Joe Mills [Game Designer, Indie], Penelope Davison [Game Designer, EA Firemonkeys], Mike Smith [Game Designer, Indie], Melody Watson [Game Designer, Indie], David Harris [Lecturer, Swinburne University]