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How To Find Character Voiceover Work

Aimee Smith is a full-time Australian voice actress who spends her days voicing for indie and professional video games from her home studio. She has voiced for over 100 characters across platforms including the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Mobile, as well as featuring in many YouTube animations. She also voices for explainer videos, phone systems, commercials and narration, but character work stole her heart. Obviously, Aimee finds it hard NOT talk. So she wants to divulge some secrets about how you can find these types of voiceover opportunities too! This is a presentation that is catered toward aspiring voice talent and professionals already working in the business. If there’s one thing she can promise, it’s that you’ll be walking away with the exact road map that helped her establish her place in the voiceover world.


Aimee Smith [Voice Actress]