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I Choose You! Pokemon Go's Community and Health Benefits

Pokemon Go is bigger and better than ever.

Since 2016 grassroots communities have spawned worldwide to help trainers on their journey to become the very best, each with their own set of rules and ethics. Since it’s release, Pokemon Go has been credited with bringing people together, facilitating exercise and weight loss, helping people connect with their cities, and promoting overall psychological benefits.

With a panel including vloggers, psychology researchers and Pokemon enthusiasts, this panel delves into the good and bad of homegrown gaming communities, as well as discussing the physical and psychological benefits of Pokemon Go. Finally, we look at what the future holds for Pokemon Go.


Bragg [Podcaster/Video Producer, Cowboy4Game], Britt Andrews [Photographer/Pokemon Go Enthusiast, Volume Media & Select Start Media], Tiger Bailey [Voice Talent, LycanLabs], Jess Zammit [Director, Queerly Represent Me], Zo√ęTwoDots [Youtuber, Zo√ęTwoDots]