Kookaburra Theatre

An Introvert's Guide to Networking

Yeah, we’ve all heard it. It’s important to make real connections! Make sure you have business cards! Chat! Have fun! Go to this event! Go to that! It’s hard enough, but what if in reality you’d rather curl up into a ball under a table all day? We got you. Get tips on how you can brave the social storm as an introvert with our panel of introverted-but-look-we’re-here panelists. We’ll go through the dos and don’ts of proper "networking" and our own survival methods when it gets overwhelming.


Victoria Tran [Communications Director, Kitfox Games], Emre Can Diaz [Art/Studio Director, Studio Mayday], Noni Och [Community Manager, 3rd Sense], Hope Corrigan [Journalist], Kerri [Content Creator, Kid Kerrigan]