Ibis Theatre

Let's Make a Board Game: Live! Ep.3

For two years we have taken your ideas and created "Unstable" and "Ravioli Roadhogs", two board games produced by us with your help. On Sunday it was in the tabletop library, ready to be played. And this year? We’re doing it all over again! Join our hosts game designer Alex Wynnter (The Brigade), Jill Wong (the Motley Geek), Ben Harnwell (Quill and Axe), with moderator and designer Steve Dee, and artist Irma Walker as we take your ideas to again create a game you can play on Sunday, and download after PAX is finished.

Panelists include: Alex Wynnter [Red Genie Games], Jill Wong [The Motley Geek], Ben Harnwell [Quill and Axe], with Irma Walker [Art],  Steve Dee [Moderator, Tin Star Games]


@blueroombg [Creative Director, Red Genie Games], @tinstargames [President, Tin Star Games], @TheMotleyGeek [President, The Motley Geek], @CoffeepotcatArt [Artist, -], @DrDalim [CEO, Quill and Axe]