Kookaburra Theatre

Leveling Up Men and Masculinity 2019

After the success of Men and Masculinity in games at 2018 PAX, we are back with new men and new games!

How do games shape masculinity, and how do men shape games back? What can men do to be better as gamers and games developers? How can we as men, talk to our male friends about the ever pressing questions of gender, toxic masculinity, healthy masculinity and respect?

As games become more visibility inclusive, it is crucial for men to step up and advance the conversation with our brothers. We have assembled a panel of diverse men to tackle these massive questions with you.

In 2019, we need to be talking about how gender and games intersect. An all-male panel is usually not a positive step towards representation, but we feel men talking to other men is a critical part of gender discussion! The five of us on this panel don’t have all the answers, but between our diverse backgrounds and experiences we aim to progress the conversation about more positive masculinities in games.


Sav Emmett Wolfe [Operations Manager, The Arcade], Ben McKenzie, Chad Toprak [Director, Freeplay], Josh Muller [LGBTI Psychologist, Private Practice], Benjamin Ee [Art Director, Summerfall Studios]