Fruitbat Theatre

Loud and Proud: The Impact of Queer Voices in Games

How can one voice, who is unapologetically themselves, make a difference? Throughout the industry, from game developers, streamers, influencers and gaming media, there are authentic voices unwilling to sacrifice their ideals. They hope to spread a message of acceptance, kindness and positivity. But what is the impact on those people and why is it so important to them to stand for something? More importantly how have they seen their work impact the world around them? With an array of voices from the many facets of the industry but also from the LGBTQ+ community this panel will break down why they wont be silenced, how they’ve watched the industry they love change for the better because of it and what we as a community need to do next.


Cameron Honey-Swain [Producer/Presenter, Checkpoint on JOY 94.9], Jordan Raskopoulos [Internet Goblin], Alice Clarke [Freelance Journalist], DC McCormick [Freelance, Dc_from_dc], Marco Taco Ryan [AR/VR Artist/Director/Creative Technologist, Marc-O-Matic], Luke Mitchell [Producer/Presenter, Checkpoint on JOY 94.9]