Kookaburra Theatre

Nerdrunner: Cyberpunk In Tabletop

In the distant, gritty future of 2019, cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying games are seeing a resurgence. So what’s up with that? Put on your coat and mirror shades and join game designers Dr Hamish and Dana Cameron (The Sprawl RPG), Paul Matijevic (Hard Wired Island), Adrian Thoen (Impulse Drive), Dr Melody Watson (LAIKA), and shadow-moderator Steve Dee (Relics) to discuss the history of cyberpunk in tabletop, what it means to be cyberpunk, and where the genre can go from here.


Dana Cameron [Writer, Ardens Ludere], Dr Hamish Cameron [Writer, Ardens Ludere], Steve Dee [Writer, Tin Star Games], Paul Matijevic [Writer, Weird Age Games], Adrian Thoen [Writer, Adrian Thoen], Dr Melody Watson [Writer, Melody Nova]