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PAX in Concert

"Believe it, Mega Man. Bass and Treble are MY creations!"

Bass and Treble may not be the Mega Man characters you see in this session, but you will see the original composer of Mega Man, Manami Matsumae (JP), present the PAX-first MEGA MAN symphonic concert!

If that didn’t get you fully charged, we’re also bringing you the second iteration of UnderSCORE! - the only symphonic concert of exclusively Australian video game soundtracks. You’ll hear smash hit soundtracks such as Hollow Knight (ft. Amelia Jones, the original voice of Marissa), Florence, Ring of Pain, and Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise, all performed by a chamber orchestra.

UnderSCORE and the Mega Man symphonic concert are presented to you by the Victorian Music Development Office, PAX Australia, and The Otherworld Agency, with music arranged by Cameron Lam under supervision of all the original composers of each featured game.


A voice actor, musician, gaming commentator, and YouTube star, NateWantsToBattle is Virginia native Nathan Sharp. Nate, emerging totally unexpected from the tall grass, is taking to the stage with an acoustic set of his original songs about video games and covers of anime jams.