Ibis Theatre

Pins 101: Pinny Arcade Introduction

Welcome fellow hobbyist!  The Pinny Pals invite you to join us in talking about the most important aspect of PAX, Pinny Arcade PINS!!  New to the hobby, collected a few last year, or have so many that it’s consumed your life, this panel is for you.  We will talk about the etiquette of pin trading, where to find pins here at PAX, and personal stories from our panel of Pinthusiasts, our love of the community and the joy of collecting.  At the end, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and possibly get a sneak peak at some pins that will be released in the near future.


Luckycharm [PAXAUS Pin Proxy, Pinny Pals], Agent Cooper [Pinthusiast Extraordinaire, Pinny Pals], AussieBen [Freelance Sales, Penny Arcade], Duckie [Lady, Pinny Pals], SachiiSez [Ms., Pinny Pals], Aleph0 [Pin Trader, Pinny Pals]