Fruitbat Theatre

Playing Games Wrong: Breaking Games for Fun

There are many reasons why we play videogames. Videogame systems are designed to be compelling and rewarding e.g. via progression, achievements, unlockables etc. But what happens when we choose to play differently? What happens when we deliberately “break” videogames? What secrets can be discovered in the cracks and seams of videogame systems? What can hacking, datamining, glitchhunting and out of bounds exploration tell us about play and how videogames work; as systems, as technology, as tools for creating metagames? Join a panelist of specialist videogame researchers, developers, designers and artists in a lively discussion about the technicalities, practicalities and many pleasures associated with breaking videogames. Attendees will gain insight into not only how to break videogames but also help demystify how videogames are made.


James Manning [RMIT University], Lance McDonald, Kalonica Quigley, Ian MacLarty [Independent], Marigold (Goldie) Bartlett [Ghost Pattern], Andrew Brophy