Kookaburra Theatre

Prescribed Respawn: The Gaming Emergency Department

What gore awaits your video game character on their adventures?

Join a panel of doctors, surgeons and gamers who will analyze the reality of what injuries truly await your gaming heroes.

With topics like ‘Head trauma in Italian plumbers’, ‘Shoulder dislocations in caped crusaders’, and ‘Battlefield defibrillators for Gun Shots’, the Gaming Emergency Department will examine the pesky limitations of human anatomy.

Planned to be a mix of science, medicine, humor and morbid anecdotes, take the opportunity to get a medical consultation for your favourite player character and take your prescription; Respawn.


Dr Evil [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Pain [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Doom [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Bones McCoy [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Death [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Enabler [Mr, Evil Corporation]