Ages 15+, Fruitbat Theatre

Rating the Making (Out): The Best Smooches in Video Games

Love is a theme that runs through all our media, especially video games - we have our digital romances, our love stories and our space boyfriends. But… have we nailed the perfect make-out scene yet? This group of games industry experts hailing from animation to production tackles this important quandry, discussing examples of liplocking from video games throughout the ages and rating them on a very scientific scale of ‘wow that’s a janky smooch’ to ‘believable snog’.


Lucy Morris [Studio & Creative Director, Starcolt], Lauren Clinnick [Managing Director, Lumi Interactive], Victoria Tran [Communications Director, Kitfox Games], Lucie Bee [Activist, Sex Worker and Writer, Freelance], Joe Toole [Animator, Method Studios Melbourne]