Wombat Theatre

Sea Shanties you say? Yahaarghh!

Belt out some ballads and join in on some high seas hijinks as a much maligned band of miscreants attempt the unthinkable, a drink in every port.

A confederacy of shanty club captains will have you out of your seats, on deck and singing tunes before you have a chance to say Yarr. Support ‘Cure Cancer’  through GenerOZity to steer the ship. Is this a crew of scurvy dogs or saints in sea-boots? Tell us if it’s time to fight, time to run, time to drink or time to…  drink? It’s entirely up to you. So come along all ye johnnies and Judy’s, Sally’s and Suzies, sing a song and support a good cause as Captains from the Redfern Shanty Club, Sydney Shanty Club, and Canberra Shanty Club put you through your paces

But that’s not all… stick around until the end and win yourself a pretty prize thanks to the scurvy dogs over at Rare. And by the end of the night, if there’s song left to sing, we’ll be crossing the road and shanty’ing until the sun comes up.


Shantyman Joel [Shantyman, Sydney Shanty Club], Shantyman Iain [Shantyman, Sydney Shanty Club], Captain Rourke [Shantyman, Redfern Shanty Club], Jehan Kanga [Musician, KPMG], Mr Toby [Tambourine Guy, Sydney Shanty Club]