Kookaburra Theatre

State of Queer: The Last Year Of LGBTQIA+ Gaming

A year is a long time in gaming, and can feel even longer for the queer community where the status quo often changes overnight. So come hear LGBTQIA+ industry professionals tell how it is; what’s happened over the last year for queer representation, the goals achieved, the hurdles fallen at, and how we can improve the industry for a lot of wonderful people.


Jamie Kaiju Marriage [Freelance, Freelance], Ella Lowgren [Communications Manager, Infinity Plus Two], Fae Daunt [Lecturer, SAE Melbourne], Jess Zammit [Queerly Represent Me, Queerly Represent Me], Lucie Bee [Sex Worker, Writer & Activist, Independent], Pewka Zilla [Studio manager / developer, Glamow Research]