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The Best Worst Games in History: Aliens: Colonial Marines

In space no one can hear you scream. Why? Maybe it’s an audio bug. Who can tell?

The controversies surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines are perhaps too numerous to count but you can count on us to turn that frown upside down and have THE MOST FUN ANYONE HAS EVER HAD*. Watch as the joy literally bursts from our chests and covers all who join us with the delightful viscera of one of history’s most infamous video games.

*Claim may not represent final retail product


Paul Broadhurst [Game Over Man, Eight and a Half Bit], James Bowling [Co-Founder / Developer, Trick Shot], Inge Berman [Art Director, S1T2], Tim Dawson [Co Founder, Witch Beam Games], Ramyana Reeves [Creative, Fealoki Art], Lee Flores [Illustrator, Freelance]