Ages 15+, Galah Theatre

The Eyebrow Conspiracy: A game for humans(?)

Who’s in on it? Who can you trust? What is the connection between so many seemingly unrelated aspects of your existence and the ever-expanding, all-consuming shadowy conspiracy that’s lurking behind every corner…

The Eyebrow Conspiracy is an accessible social game for a up to 5 people where connecting your every lived experience and miscellaneous information is the only goal; no scores, no equipment, just friends and the satisfaction of seeing it all come together.

Come watch the creators of that game teach you how to play, how to open up and hack your anxiety, and hear Dr Jennifer Hazel discuss how the game engages your brain and understand why conspiracy theories are so appealing and rewarding for those who participate in them.

The conspiracy is all around you, have you figured it out?


Krister Collin, Mahli-Ann Butt, Jennifer Hazel, Tash Wolf, Nel Wolf