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The Great Debate: The Amount of D&D Nowadays is Too Damn High!

From ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Critical Role’ and ‘Acquisitions Incorporated’, young people, old people and every age in between are playing Dungeons & Dragons! But is this good or bad for society? Is it teaching creative lateral thinking, or is this just a gateway drug into dice hoarding? Is this an innocent pastime encouraging people to meet face-to-face and imaginatively create their own shared narratives… or an inevitable descent into Satanism, witchcraft and reptilian sacrifice?  When pen-and-paper gaming has become a billion-dollar industry, should we all just return to the solid family values of ‘Monopoly’? Your DM (Debate Master) is The Periodic Table of Awesome’s Quinny, and our party of brave adventurers will roll initiative for the argument of their lives!


Quinny [Host, The Periodic Table of Awesome], Scod [Tripod], Alex Lee [Dragon Friends], Dave Callan [Comedian, Ninja, Wookiee], Ginny Woo [Prima Games], Nic Healey [ABC Radio], Jordan Raskopoulos

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