Fruitbat Theatre

The Last PAX Panel On The Left: All Things Horror Games

Join us for a delectable evening of dissection as we hone our fangs and prepare to gorge ourselves on the latest trends in horror gaming.

Our panel or horror experts, aficionados, and creators will look over the most recent and most fond experiences in the best genre that gaming has to offer- while our resident psychologist will tear off our skullcaps and and point out where and why our brain makes us feel the way we do about being frightened.

Line up early to avoid disappointment!


Brian Holland [Writer & Narrative Deisgner, White Wolf Entertainment], Lucy Morris [Studio & Creative Director, Starcolt], Kevin Powe [Publican, Tavern of Voices], Isaac Lee [Principal Psychologist, Functional Minds Psychology], Andy Astruc [Lead Writer, Debug Mode]